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Founded by Matt Gore in mid-2019, GoPro Plumbers is relentless in its pursuit of innovation and customer satisfaction.

A veteran of the plumbing industry, Matt’s entrepreneurial passion drove him to start GoPro with a vision of reengineering how plumbing services are delivered and what they mean to the average home or business owner. GoPro isn’t building its business on emergency after-hours calls, it’s building its business on relationships established with property owners to help them design, manage and maintain their plumbing systems with professionalism and integrity.


Repairs are, of course, still a part of what we do. But repairs should be the exception to the rule rather than the norm.

Our team is driven to work with property owners to ensure plumbing system run smoothly, cleanly, efficiently and cost effectively. Our business is built on trust and collaboration. From planning high efficiency plumbing for new build to designing the plumbing for a renovation to installing moisture monitoring systems to detect a problem in advance, or conducting a rock solid repair that will prevent problems in the future, GoPro Plumbers bring a deep bench of expertise and a remarkable service ethic to your property.

Oh, we’re just getting started…

In addition to our amazing and ridiculously  comprehensive array of Pro plumbing services, we’ve got some pretty cool things planned for the future that’ll provide even more incredible value to our customers and make GoPro Plumbers the talk of the industry. Be sure to follow us on social media to stay on top of our latest projects.

Satisfaction is Priority #1

Our philosophy is simple. If you’re happy, you’ll tell others about us. And that makes our life easier. So we’ll rest at nothing to make sure you’re happy with our work.

A One-Stop Shop

We have a deep bench of expertise in the latest advancements in plumbing. When you need the best, we’re the only call you need to make.

Free Consultation

We’re not asking you to take a risk on us. We’ll provide a free consultation and give you our honest and experienced assessment of the work you need done.

  • Renovations
  • New Construction
  • Repairs

Get to Know GoPro Plumbing

Matt Gore

Matt Gore

Professional Plumber

Matt Gore started plumbing at 16 Years old with his uncle’s business. He was working full time the day he graduated High school in June 1998- Present.

Matt was educated at the wonderful Nova Scotia Community Collage by the brilliant mind of Geno Pace a true inspiration of perfection. At 22 years old, Matt received   his red seal – Journeymen status for plumbing  in 4 years of combined schooling and on the job training.

Matt’s natural way of showing care to his peers, clients and jobs, and commitment to delivering the very best care to his clients earned him a supervisor position in 2008. Matt was proud to push hard and produce the best product, always analyzing procedures to ensure the best was delivered. Matt loves the people he works with and meets. It’s his favorite part of the job.

Matt’s love for people keeps him on time to all scheduled jobs. Also communication is vital to Matt, ensuring each client understands the options and can make the best decision for each job. Together, we make things happen with transparency.

Matt started GoPro Plumbers in June 2019 after 22 Years with the same company. He had the desire to build the best – establishing the most creative and innovative plumbing company has pushed Matt to go on this great adventure of entrepreneurship.

Plumbing is Matt’s second love. His first and most important love is his family. Matt is a loving husband and father to his beautiful wife Lindsey and three sweet little children, James, Eddie & Scarlett. Nothing brings him more joy then spending time with his family. Matt also enjoys reading learning anything and everything also all sports. 

We are Available 24/7!

If you need the very best and most experienced and qualified plumbing work done, there’s no one else to call. Go Pro. Even in an emergency.

Call Us Anytime: 902-580-4400

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