Drain Video Inspections

Like x-ray vision for plumbers. GoPro Plumbers are expert operators of a technologically advanced snake camera system for plumbing diagnostics and the jetting systems to clear greese, debris and build-up.

Why would I need my drain/line inspected?

Peace of mind

Problems with your sewer line can be costly to repair, even more so if they’re caught late. Staying on top of it gives you peace of mind.

Fix and prevent problems

With advanced detection comes the opportunity to fix or even prevent a future problem at the same time.

Diagnose without digging

Sewer lines are vital to your home,  but difficult to access to inspect. A camera inspection of your lines is less intrusive and damaging and can make it easier to narrow the field of repair.

Renovation planning

As an example, our camera inspection system allows us to see the depth of the sewer pipe below a concrete floor, which is helpful when adding plumbing in a basement area for bathroom and laundry drains.

What are some signs you may have a sewer line problem?

  • Odors or slow drains (indicating blockage and/or build-up)
  • Unexpected increases in your water bill (which could indicate a leak)
  • An identified water main problem


What kinds of things can video inspection reveal?

  • Clogs, leaks
  • Cracks or misalignments in the line
  • Collapse of a pipe
  • Items lost down the drain
  • Tree root intrusion
  • Construction breakage


What does a video inspection involve?

  •  A state-of-the-art self-leveling, high resolution and waterproof endoscopic camera is lowered into the system and can access lines as small as 2 inches in diameter.

  • High resolution images are returned to the GoPro Plumbers inspector on an HD monitor and using our trained eyes, we can review and interpret what we’re seeing.

  • Based on what can be seen, we provide actionable advice on what needs to be done to fix any problems spotted or avert problems that could be anticipated in the future based on the inspection.

  • Our camera equipment includes location data that we can then use to zero in on and narrow the field of remediation, saving time,  money and avoiding unnecessary digging.

  • GoPro Plumbers can detect a problem as well as fix the problem for you and provide advise on how to avoid potential problems.


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