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Designing smart plumbing spaces that complement your home beautifully.

New Construction

We offer sales support for ensuring the best product goes into your home with smart design consulting.

Emergency Repairs

Emergency repair needed? Learn a bit about when to call or when to wait for service during daily business hours.


What’s old is new again! Renovations are an exciting opportunity to roll up the sleeves and do some engineering of a plumbing solution that makes you proud of your newly refurbished property, whether it’s a modernization of an existing space or the addition of a new one. Here aresome examples of how we might work with you – but we can imagine many others – so get in touch with us and we can talk about it!

Designing Smart Plumbing Spaces

This applies to new construction as well, but with renovations it’s an especially rewarding challenge since whatever we design must work seamlessly with existing systems. From planning to materials and fixture curation and selection, GoPro Plumbers brings deep experience to every renovation project.

Plumbing Installation

After the design stage is complete, we implement the plan, installing the plumbing that was planned, inside and out, with fine craftsmanship applied to every detail of the install from start to finish. Whether you’re expanding an existing space or adding on, talk to GoPro so your plumbing is handled with care.

New Construction

There’s nothing quite as exciting as being able to start with a blank canvas and design a plumbing system from the ground up to meet your needs, whether residential or light commercial, GoPro Plumbers are the experts you want to have on your team right from the start. These are but some of the most common examples of the ways our expertise can be used. Our team can work with you on just about anything.

Designing Smart Plumbing Spaces

We’re expert plumbing system designers and we can work from the very early stages to optimize your plumbing system for new construction. From architecting the most efficient in and outflows, including water recovery systems, to intelligent use of space inside your walls, to the aesthetics of your plumbing system from room to room, you can work with GoPro Plumbers to design a system you’ll be proud of.

Construction-stage Plumbing Install

Once the system is designed, whether with a general framework or a specific site plan, GoPro Plumbers can make that plan a reality. We’re extremely comfortable with and experienced in working with construction planners to implement plumbing systems for new residential and light commercial properties.

Emergency Repairs

These are some of the most common examples of things that can sometimes come up in need of repair. Hopefully it’s not on an emergency basis, but we’ve all experienced an urgent repair from time to time. Contact us to talk about what you need, even if it’s in a rush. We’ll take the time to get it done right.

Water Heaters

We’re hoping to be of service before your water heater fails. Whether we catch is ahead of time or you’re in the unfortunate position of finding out after the fact that your water heater has reached the end of its life, GoPro Plumbers have the expertise to repair or replace your system, from tank to tankless.

Something Sprung a Leak!

The presence of unexplained water can be a pain, but it can also represent a significant health hazard, since it can be the precursor to mold building up. So don’t leave a leak untended. Call in GoPro Plumbers to get things dry and keep your property healthy.

Toilet Woes

This is a critical piece of plumbing that we take for granted until there’s a problem. Regular maintenance is key, of course, but when you’re in a bind and your toilet absolutely needs to work again, sometimes you need a professional to save the day. That’s when you call GoPro. 

Showers, Tubs, Sinks and More

There’s plenty of other areas of your property that may need some urgent attention when something isn’t working right. From Shower to sink and everything in between, GoPro Plumbers has seen it all and can get you back up and running in no time.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

There’s a lot of other amazing services we offer that don’t fit neatly into a category. So we capture them here. And again, if there’s something plumbing related that you don’t see in our list, it doesn’t mean we don’t do it. Talk to us about what you need done and we’ll dispatch a Pro to get it done right.

Annual Inspections

The best offence is a good defence. Rather than wait for something to go wrong, talk to us about a complete annual inspection that will go through your property point by point examining potential points of failure to prevent plumbing problems before they come up.

Camera & Drain Snaking

Out of sight out of mind is a terrible philosophy when it comes to your plumbing. GoPro Plumbers therefore offers camera and drain snaking so you know exactly what’s going on in your plumbing system, to facilitate repair and even prevent a problem before it occurs.

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Smart Water Alarms

You have smoke detectors. Maybe even CO2 and Radon. You might also have an entry alarm system complete with motion sensors. But do you have water detection? Water alarms can detect and alert you to the presence of concerning levels of water before you even know it’s there and prevent disaster. 

Rural Home Catch Basins

If you’re in a rural area and on a water pump, we can install catch basins to prevent water on your floor and sweating that promote mold buildup.

Water Cleaning Systems

We can clean your water system to provide the safest water for you and your family.

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